FAQ's about Ring Lake Ranch

What sort of retreat center is this?

We are an ecumenical retreat center and many of our guests hold religious affiliations, but everyone is welcome here. The founder of the Ranch, Maggie Kahin, said, "All are really God's children. All will be received." Guests come for a variety of reasons – hiking, horseback riding, fishing, programs given by renowned speakers, the community formed each week with other guests and our staff, the beautiful surroundings and the chance to renew their spirits.

Why are the rates so low?

Our priority is to make the Ranch experience available to anyone who wishes to join us. Our guests help with dishes and clean and re-make their cabins at the end of sessions, allowing us to keep a smaller staff. Generous donations cover a portion of our operating expenses. If the fees are a burden, we have scholarship help available – please ask.


What's the schedule for the week?

Guests arrive between 3 and 6 pm on Sundays at the start of a seminar week and depart the next Saturday morning. We have dinner at 6 pm on Sunday, followed by an orientation at 7:30 pm.

The rest of the week generally follows this schedule:

7:30 am Morning Prayer in Chapel

8:00 am Breakfast followed by brief meditation and announcements

9:30 am Morning activities: i.e. organized hikes, trail rides

12:30 pm Lunch

5:30 pm Sharing Time in Living Room (Guests are encouraged to lead)

6:00 pm Dinner

7:30-9:00 pm Seminars - Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

I've never been on a horse before. Will I be ok riding?

Absolutely. Our wranglers match up riders to horses suitable to their experience and offer orientation rides at the beginning of each session. We tailor rides to age and experience levels. All of our horses are calm, friendly and experienced in trail exploration. More experienced riders are also welcome to ask for challenging rides as the week goes on.

What else is there to do if I don't want to gallop off into the sunset?

Only two activities are required of guests: helping your dish group and cleaning and remaking your cabin before departure. All other activities—riding, canoeing, reading, hiking, fishing, napping, seminars, etc. -- are up to you. More information is available on our Activities page

What are the petroglyphs around the Ranch?

The petroglyphs on the Ranch were drawn by the Sheepeater Indians from a few hundred to several thousand years ago as part of vision quest experiences. Seminar guests are welcome to view them whenever they wish, but feel free to ask staff for a guided tour, since some are difficult to find. Because the petroglyphs are such a significant archaeological and cultural feature, we allow limited access to them by non-Ranch guests: only archeologists, American Indians, school and university groups, and groups organized through the Dubois Museum will be considered for permission to study the petroglyphs and our other cultural resources. Non-guests must obtain permission from the Ranch Director in advance to view the petroglyphs.

Can I bring my family to the Ranch?

Mostly definitely. In fact, families have been coming to the Ranch from the beginning. Many of our programs are interesting to kids and we have kid-friendly rides and hikes. Children 12 and under come at no charge!

Can I bring Fido and Fluffy?

Please leave your pets in the safety of their own homes.

What sort of meals do you offer?

We serve a variety of dishes, but all are tasty and filling. "The food is so good that I ate too much" is about the only complaint we hear. Let us know your special dietary needs from vegetarian to gluten intolerance; we always help.

What are the cabins like?

Rustic but comfortable. We recommend that you check them out for yourself. Click on The Ranch, and then the link to Cabins.

How is the weather?

Summers in Wyoming are usually dry, with occasional brief storms. Nighttime temperatures are generally in the 40's and 50's. Afternoons rarely get above high 80's. With wide variation in temperatures throughout the days and weeks, it's good to be prepared for either warm or cool weather.

What's the best way to get there?

Driving from the west takes you through the magnificent Rockies, from the east through the Great Plains. We're six hours from Salt Lake City, eight hours from Denver, 20 hours from Minneapolis, and about the same from Seattle. We shuttle passengers to the Jackson Hole airport for a fee. Check the Travel link for more.

Are there any activities in the surrounding area that we can enjoy?

Many guests find the Dubois Museum and the Big Horn Sheep Center interesting and informative. Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons are, of course, magnificent and two to three hours away.

Is there medical care available?

Twenty minutes away, Dubois Clinic provides basic health care from M-F, 8-5 and a nurse practitioner has an office in town. Otherwise, hospitals in Riverton and Lander – 90 minutes away – are the closest. The majority of the staff are certified in CPR and trained in first aid.

What sort of clothes should I bring? Is a laundry available?

Weather is variable – warm days and cool nights are the rule, so layers are helpful. Click on The Ranch and then Supplies for a complete list of what to bring. C

Can someone come and stay a few days for a private retreat or for part of a seminar?
Depending on availability, we do offer a daily rate for guests who can only stay for a few days. If you want to come during a seminar week, we ask that you arrive with other guests on Sunday afternoon to participate in our orientation Sunday evening. We have a winterized cabin for off-season use.

What if I have more questions?

Contact Us, we'd be happy to answer your questions.